What are FanDuel Points (FDPs) and FDP Freerolls?

We love giving back to our players, and FanDuel Point (FDP) freerolls are one big way we do this. This month, we are giving away $26,500 in prizes in our FDP Freerolls! You qualify to enter these freerolls by earning FDP – read below for all the details.


How do I earn FDP?

Easy! You earn FDP every time you enter a paid game, whether you win or lose. The number of points you get for entering a contest is displayed on the draft screen before you enter. Sometimes we’ll even run promotions that increase the rate at which you earn FDP, rewarding you even more!


How many FDP do I have?

You can see your current FDP balance and how many FDP you have earned this month here.


How do I use my FDPs?

You can use your FDP to enter any paid contests. Simply choose the league or tournament you wish to enter, and on the draft screen you will see a link under the entry fee that lets you use FDP to enter instead of cash. You can also check out how to use FDP to enter contests across our multiple platforms by clicking this link here. After you enter, your FDP spent will be deducted from your FDP balance. Your monthly total of FDP earned will remain the same.


How do I enter FDP freerolls?

Based on how many FDP you earn in the month, you can also qualify for entry to our monthly FDP Freerolls. The required number of FDP and payouts vary each month. You don’t need to spend FDP to enter these freerolls – it’s just our gift to you! Note that FDP will count towards the month in which they are awarded. Since FDP are now awarded when games settle, FDP for contests entered on the last day of the month will often count towards your total for the following month.

The April free play contests will be held on Friday, May 6th as MLB contests. The levels are as follows:

  • Bronze: $2,000 freeroll, requires minimum of 1,000 monthly FDP
  • Silver: $5,000 freeroll, requires minimum of 5,000 monthly FDP
  • Gold: $6,500 freeroll, requires minimum of 15,000 monthly FDP
  • Platinum: $13,000 freeroll, requires minimum of 50,000 monthly FDP

You may enter as many of these four contests as you've qualified for. For example, if you have earned 16,000 monthly FDP, you may enter Gold, Silver, and Bronze. The date of upcoming FDP freerolls will be posted to this page a few days before the end of each month. The freeroll contests themselves will be posted in the lobby the night before and will be visible only if you are qualified to enter. If you have qualified and do not see the FDP freerolls even once they've been posted, it probably is because of your Home screen filter settings. Make sure that you are not filtering out free contests and that you have selected a 'Start Time' of either 'All' or 'Next available'.


Anything else?

We certainly have future plans for FDP and our rewards program. We will often run promotions allowing you to earn FDP faster than normal. Watch the Promos tab for details!

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