What is my Pending Bonus?

What is my pending bonus?

Some of you received a percentage of cash back when you made your first FanDuel deposit, or as part of a special promotion. We referred to this cash back as a deposit bonus. If you responded to a deposit bonus offer or received a deposit bonus as part of your first FanDuel deposit, then each time you play a paid contest, you earn a portion of your bonus, and we add a little bonus money to your FanDuel balance – until you earned your entire bonus amount. The balance in your "Pending Bonus" account means the amount still left to earn.

How quickly does my deposit bonus become real cash?

For each paid contest played, you earn 4% of the entry fee. For example: If you enter a $25 contest, you earn $1 of your deposit bonus (.04 x $25 = $1). We then credit that dollar to your FanDuel balance at the end of the contest, no extra effort on your part.

What are the benefits of a deposit bonus?

More money for you. Loyal fans for us. After all, our fan community comes first at FanDuel. That’s why deposit bonuses never expire – if you still have a pending deposit bonus, your funds will stay available until you’ve earned and played your full bonus.

Why don’t you offer deposit bonuses anymore?

We’re always trying out new offers. Because we’re looking for offers our users want. Our newer offers give users a more immediate reward for depositing and playing FanDuel games. If you want us to bring back the deposit bonus, let us know at: support@fanduel.com


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