Account Limits

Why am I being told I've reached my deposit limit?

In accordance with state requirements, FanDuel has enacted deposit limit... Read more

Can I apply a limit to the amount I deposit?

Yes – You can set self-imposed limits to your account on our Account Lim... Read more

Can I set a maximum entry fee?

Yes – You can set a maximum entry fee on our Account Limits page. From t... Read more

How do I limit the number of contests I can enter?

You can set a limit to the number of contests you can enter on our Accou... Read more

Self Exclusion

I’m having difficulty controlling the amount that I play. Can FanDuel help?

If you're having trouble managing the amount that you play on FanDuel, y... Read more

What is self-exclusion?

Here at FanDuel, we take responsible play management very seriously, and... Read more

How can I exclude my account?

We offer the ability for users to self-exclude their FanDuel account for... Read more

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