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What’s New? Draft by Batting Order Tired of searching through the entire... Read more

What sports are available on FanDuel?

FanDuel is all about giving our users more ways to win, which is why we ... Read more

Which types of contests are available?

Whether you want to win big or play another user head-to-head, we’ve got... Read more

How do I see the contests I've entered?

All contests you have entered are viewable within FanDuel. If you want t... Read more

What are game styles?

At FanDuel, we’re all about giving our users more ways to win— that’s wh... Read more

How is FanDuel deciding which College games will be included in various slates?

Games are chosen based on time, TV exposure, and game popularity. We’re ... Read more

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Friends Mode

Why can't I enter a Friends Mode Championship Contest from West Virginia?

Due to state laws, Friends Mode Championship contests aren’t available t... Read more

How do I play with my friends?

FanDuel offers a few different ways you can play with your friends! Crea... Read more

What is a Friends Mode League?

A Friends Mode League is a new way to play with a group of friends on Fa... Read more

How do I change contest settings?

Just select 'Edit Contest Details'. From there, you can change contest s... Read more

How do I make a Friends Mode league?

To create a Friends Mode League, you'll start by clicking the 'Friends' ... Read more

How do I invite others to a Friends Mode league?

While viewing your league, tap 'Add Friends'. From there, you can either... Read more

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Free to Play

Are there any free games available?

Yes! Here at FanDuel, we’re constantly working with our partners to give... Read more

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