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Will I be charged an inactivity fee?

Per section 18.6 of FanDuel's Terms of Use, if your account is inactive ... Read more

How do I create an account?

New users who want to create an account for the first time can join FanD... Read more

I've lost my log in details, what can I do?

Don’t worry, we can get you up and running in no time. The most importan... Read more

How do I reactivate my account?

If your account was closed or you opted in to self-exclusion, please rea... Read more

How do I reset my password?

It’s super easy to reset your password. Start at the Login page Select... Read more

How do I close my FanDuel account?

We get it, FanDuel’s not for everyone. If you’d like to close your accou... Read more

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Can I change my FanDuel username?

Typically the answer is no. If you’re a well-established player on FanDu... Read more

How do I add a profile picture?

Currently, adding a profile picture is only available on desktop. So gra... Read more

How do I manage my notification settings?

To enable or disable notifications you must have the FanDuel app. Downlo... Read more


Why am I being asked to verify my identity?

State regulations require that we verify your identity. Our online verif... Read more

What are the ways I can verify my ID?

Users located in the US can upload their identification to their FanDuel... Read more

Why am I being asked to provide my ID?

When our online verification form cannot confirm your identity we will r... Read more

Why am I being asked to provide my SSN and complete a W9 Form?

First and foremost, providing this information is safe. We’ve taken all ... Read more

Why am I getting a 'Duplicate account' message?

Per Fanduel’s Terms of Use you may only establish, maintain, use and con... Read more

Why am I having trouble verifying my identity?

There are many reasons you could be running into issues. The best way to... Read more

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